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An archetype is a universally recognised, ancient pattern or form. ‘Arch’ indicates both ‘over and above’ and ‘old’…. very old.


Archetypes make up a deep part of what it means to be human. We’re all a mix of core characters that explain what drives us as we go through life.


This understanding isn’t simply a new trend in modern psychology, it’s an uncovering of ancient pathways that guide our way of looking at the world and steering the way we are ‘wired’ to respond to it.


The reason we love to work with archetypes is because they are fundamental to our understanding of ourselves, our approach to life and our relationships to other people.


You can click this link to discover each of the six Team Me Archetypes in more detail.

The Team Me model consists of six very specific archetypes that have been identified as fundamental to what it means to be human – there is a little bit of every one of these characters within each of us,  which is why we find it easy to recognise and relate to them.

The first three: the Sovereign the Warrior and the Sage, cover what has become known as left brain thinking types, and the remaining three: the Mystic the Lover and the Jester, cover right brain thinking types. This categorisation you will likely find much more useful than simply labelling as ‘male’ or ‘female’.

There definitely are more archetypes than the six defined in the Team Me model, however you are likely to find that the vast majority of those that other teachers have identified, are actually a mix of these 6 fundamental characters or their shadow states. (If you don’t know about their shadow states, they’re explained in Chapter 6 of the book, Team Me.)

Simplifying to the six makes it much easier to identify the core drives we each have – as well as making it universal, and a lot more memorable.

The first thing to understand is that your Power Profile  provides you with a snapshot of time. if you completed it at another time, under rather different circumstances, you will likely find it varies.

Secondly, recognise that your Power Profile  is only based on your two strongest archetypes.

Whilst these  represent the strongest influences upon your life right now, other characters will also play a part in the way you do life.

The profiling tool does actually record your numbers for all six archetypes and you can discover exactly how powerful each one of them is for you if you sign-up for the Becoming Me or Becoming More programs (to be released later in 2019).

It is also true that two or more of your key characters may be very closely matched, and so a slightly different response to even just one question may cause their positions to swap around if you were to do your profile again.

Some of these archetypal characters have very different ways of looking at life.

As we’ve attempted to highlight their unique perspectives, some of the written descriptions may appear a little too black and white and need to be understood with (not separate from) the Supporting Character.

For example, someone reading that the Sage is their Leading Character will to be that they are likely to be thought of as rather emotionless and dry. But if their supporting character is the Lover, it’s also clear that their emotional life is very important to them.

We are all a wonderful and unique mix of the 6 archetypes (there are in fact a total of 1 million potential combinations)  and part of the wonder of our personal psychology is the fact that paradoxes of this kind are often found within us.

There are many ways to improve your life using archetypes.

The first thing is to gain a deeper awareness of  who you have become. Who you are is the result of both nature and nurture. the important thing is to acknowledge who you are now and get a clear understanding of where you still need to grow to become a more mature and effective individual.

Knowing this will both help you to accept yourself as you are and acknowledge that you can improve different facets of your character to become more and achieve more in life

If you have not already got hold of the book, Team Me – How to Play Your Best Game in Life  (available as Paperback,  Kindle and Audio versions)  then that’s a great place to start.

Alternatively,  you may prefer learning through the Team Me video courses, How to Play Your Best Game in life 101 and the more advanced 201, that provide you with a unique pathway of teaching and practical exercises  that will help you to grow.

It’s always a good idea to come back and redo your profile to assess whether things have changed for you over the weeks and months that you have consciously been developing the character traits that you need – or whenever you feel that there has been a major shift in your life.

We do plan to update the app so that you can track your history over time. Let us know if this would be a helpful feature by commenting in the Team Me Facebook Group.

Set in the mythical Kingdom of Archayah, the Legend of Oakenthor is a fictional story that presents the six, universal archetypes of Team Me in a highly engaging way. 
This is a world of dreams and dragons; of challenge and opportunity – where a diverse group of characters learn to bring their unique perspectives and capabilities to bear on the ordeals they face. They learn how to respect each other’s contributions and ultimately and work together to achieve the highest good as a united team.
As you listen you may just find that this myth is a mirror – reflecting aspects of your own life and helping you understand the differing perspectives and contributions that you and the various people in your life bring to any situation. ​
Uncover the first story in the kindle or paperback editions of TEAM ME, and the second story in TEAM GUY
The first eight scrolls (story 1) are also available as an Audio Download here, narrated by the Emmy Award Winning Aaron Sinn.